Who is Michael New?

Many people have asked who is Michael New and what is so special about him? If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he’s just an average American who loves his country. If you ask his parents, he’s simply a son who learned how to think for himself and to do what is right regardless of peer pressure. A good work ethic, a man of his word, a young man who didn’t want the publicity, who turned down the movie offers, who avoids the limelight, and yet who continues to stand in the one place where it counts – in a court of law. As the appeal slowly made its way through the courts, Michael New did not back down.

After 13 years of patiently defending his right to serve his country, exclusively, he lost his appeals to the Supreme Court when they twice refused to hear his case.  As a result, American soldiers (and all branches of the military) today are forced to serve under the United Nations, even when the US is not at war.  While not many Americans are not wearing blue berets, most of those currently serving overseas, including those in Iraq and in Afghanistan, got there because of United Nations Security Council resolutions, being enforced by the White House, without constitutional authority.

Michael has been the source of many news articles. He was the source of inspiration for Dave Riddell vonKleist’s song “A Patch of Green in A Sea of Blue”. Several states and veterans organizations have passed resolutions supporting him. There is a documentary about his journey for justice. His father, Daniel New, has written a book, “Michael New: Mercenary or American Soldier?“. Through it all, Mike is a modest and very private citizen who has no compromise in him when it comes to Liberty. Would he do it again? “Absolutely!”, says Mike.

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