20 Years Ago Today

How time flies, while the New World Order is having fun.

On 10 October 1995, some 550 American soldiers reported to formation on the parade ground of the US military base in Schweinfurt, Germany.  549 of them were wearing baby-blue caps showing that their allegiance had been transferred to the United Nations, and that they were, for the next six months, in the employ and under the command of a Finnish general officer, to be serving in a U.N. deployment into Macedonia. 

One soldier was wearing the olive-drab green cap that was the authorized cover for the Battle Dress Uniform. 

All but one soldier had a UN patch on their right shoulder, a US flag on the left.  Army SPC4 Michael New had a US flag on his right shoulder and no UN patch anywhere.

For this “crime” of disobeying a direct order to subordinate himself to a foreign power, SPC New was arrested and court-martialed, and given a Bad Conduct Discharge.  He remains today the only American every tried and convicted of the crime of wanting to serve his own country.

It is instinctive among those who have served in the military to obey all orders.  Unity of command is imperative.  And yet, the training of every soldier, from General George Washington to today, from basic training to West Point, includes the instruction to “never make it easy for others to do wrong,” and urges every soldier to disobey unlawful orders. 

The story is still compelling reading for men and women in uniform, because it affects every one of them, whether they know it or not.  They are subject today to orders from any Commander in Chief, to serve, to fight, and perhaps to die in service to the United Nations, when so ordered to do so. 

At question, and this has been the underlying political struggle of the last hundred years, is whether the United States is, and ought to be, a sovereign nation, or whether it is to submit to a “New World Order” and become nothing more than a Member State in a One World Government.  This has been the idealistic goal of globalists and “Progressives” as far back as Teddy Roosevelt, who actually promoted the phrase, “New World Order” in his speeches.  Woodrow Wilson was committed to it.  With a couple of exceptions, every president since has moved us inexorably toward that goal for over a century.

Active duty military personnel who want to read this story about SPC4 Michael New, and learn how it affects their service to what they thought was their country exclusively, can get the book free for asking.  Hard copy, or e-book.  They can also watch the documentary video about the case as an introduction by going to this link:

If you are not active duty, or currently serving in the reserves or as national guardsmen, you may know someone who is.  Do them a good turn and pass this message on to them.  Anyone can order the book for themselves at http://www.mikenew.com/newstore.php

Daniel New
Project Manager
Michael New Action Forum

“They protect us – who protects them?”

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