Four Spiritual Laws Of the United Nations

An “oldie but goldie” from the past. Some people won’t get this one, but others will immediately recognize what it is.

Good News:

  1. The United Nations loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.


  1. You have sinned, and loved your own country. You have thought of your own welfare as an individual. You have been patriotic, placing your nation’s sovereignty above the needs of the poorer nations of the world. You have no place in the utopian New World Order. Death or slavery are your options.
  2. You can be redeemed through the submission of your individuality and your national sovereignty to the Global Community.  Repent of your sins; become an international citizen; vote (it doesn’t matter, Socialist Party A, or Socialist Party B, both candidates belong to the New World Order); pay your taxes; send your children to atheistic government brainwashing centers; murder all your children after the first two (preferably while they’re still in the womb); attend a church if you must, but only one that is registered with the State as a 501(c)(3) that preaches a gospel of love; and encourage your sons and daughters to enlist in the New World Army, where we shall have “perpetual war for perpetual peace.”
  3. Criticize, ridicule, ostracize, and if necessary, report to the State any neighbor or family member who believes in the right to bear arms; the right to educate their own children; the sovereignty of their own nation over the Brotherhood of All Humankind; the concept of Biblical morality; who doesn’t have a ThinkVox (TV); who support reactionary splinter political parties; who drive large, environmentally destructive vehicles; who complain about paying their fair share in taxes to support the dependent classes; who teach their children to resist peer pressure.

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