“What Does it Matter?”

The miscarriage of justice in the case of Army SPC Michael New (court-martial, 1996) has never been corrected, nor is it likely to ever be. 

The Army, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court and two presidents had ample opportunity to correct it.  Appeals to the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, then the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces upheld the decision of the kangaroo court-martial.  The Supreme Court refused to even consider the matter.  After that, the US District Court in D.C., and then the US Court of Appeals refused to consider the matter, and the Supreme Court as well refused to consider that appeal. 

The net result of the decision to dismiss Michael New from the Army with a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD) was that he was the first American soldier ever convicted of the “crime” of wanting to serve his own country — exclusively.  We have come a long way since WWII, and not in a good direction.  At issue is the very sovereignty of our nation (and every other nation).  If we are not free to serve our own country, exclusively, then we are not a free nation.

There remain two more avenues of appeal.  One is Congress, which offers dim hope, but is an avenue that must be exhausted.

The other avenue is to appeal to the Court of Public Opinion.  That one may already be won.  Ask any number of American citizens if they think it is right that American soldiers should be forced to serve under the authority of the United Nations, and a solid majority will respond in the negative. 

Two issues were decided in that court-martial, and have used to deny all further litigation in related cases.  Not only must our soldiers go where they are sent, without regard to the constitutionality of the orders, but if they have the temerity to challenge the legality of the orders — any orders — they are told they may not do so.  This represents a total violation of the entire concept of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  They call it “the Michael New precedent” and are quite open about it. 

There is a bill now written up and proposed for consideration by Congress, and it now awaits its first sponsor, and hopefully a long list of cosponsors.  The Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2015 can be found at www.SoldierProtectionAct.com

Individual citizens can do the following to help promote this bill, both in Congress and in your respective state legislatures:

  • download a copy of the bill, which addresses both of these issues, and send a copy of it to your two Senators and to your Representative in Congress;
  • write a letter to those three congressmen, asking them to become cosponsors;
  • find a veterans group, especially if you are a member of one, and ask them to consider the bill and to issue a Resolution of Support for it.
  • Send a copy of the bill to friends, particularly those in uniform and to veterans, asking them to support this bill.

Why would a veteran or active-duty military person support the Citizen Soldier Protection Act?  Because it provides a legal protection to those who feel, as a matter of conscience, that it would be wrong for them to serve under the flag of the Unite Nations. 

In the Court of Public Opinion, there are several more things you can do.  Among them:

  • read the book and watch the documentary video.  Both are available for free on-line, or can be purchased very inexpensively from the Michael New Action Forum.  www.MikeNew.com/
  • get copies placed in the hands of veterans, of active-duty personnel, and of young people considering enlisting.  If they are to be used as mercenaries for the New World Order, they need to know about it;
  • teach your children and grandchildren about the choices they are now facing;
  • take this issue up with candidates for State and National office, making it a litmus test — “If you want our vote, you commit to protecting our national sovereignty and the independence of our military!”

Who would ever have thought that an American president would send our troops to fight and serve (and illegally at that) for an international agenda that is not authorized by Congress, nor by the Supreme Law of the Land, the US Constitution? 

The precedents established by the last four presidents (two Republicans and two Democrats) demonstrate that constitutionality of a war is of no interest to them.  Whether they are motivated and influenced by the military-industrial complex, or by the globalists seeking a one world government, it does not matter.  What matters is that treason is being perpetrated, and politicians are not stopping it.  Whether they are bought or, or maybe they have bought in to the idea that the USA needs to be reduced to the status of a Member State in the coming One World Government, the net effect is the same.  Treason.

And what does it matter?  It matters only to those who love their country.  It matters to those men and women who do not want to be used as pawns, or mercenaries, being sent to fight, bleed and die for something that is not their own country, and certainly not in the interest of Freedom.

America has enough problems.  We do not need the United Nations to help us solve them.  Remember the advice I gave my son when he enlisted:  “If they have the authority to force you to wear a blue beret in any country, then they have the authority to force you to wear it in Texas, or New York, or California, etc.  Geography is no defense to such an illegal order.  It’s a question of Constitutional authority.”

We are asking you to consider it one of your major goals of 2015 to assist us in getting this legislation before Congress, and in the meantime to educating your friends and family about these critical issues of national sovereignty.  If you will let us know you are working on this, we will gladly provide you any materials at our disposal.


Our military is supposed to defend us;
Who is defending them?


Daniel D. New, Project Manager
Michael New Action Forum     
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76649


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