Eighteen Years and Counting

Do you remember what happened on this day, 18 years ago?

A lowly Army medic walked out on the parade ground of the 3rd Infantry Division in Schweinfurt, Germany, wearing an authorized battle dress uniform (BDU), and was court-martialed for such an audacious act of disobedience.

For refusing to wear a blue UN cap and scarf, and refusing to deploy under a foreign general to Macedonia on a United Nations Peacekeeping mission, SPC4 Michael New was court-martialed and given a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD).  As far as we know, SPC New is the only soldier ever court-martialed for wanting to serve his own country!  You can find the details here, at www.MikeNew.com/.

But it gets worse.  Convinced that (a) the orders from Bill Clinton were unlawful, and (b) that his conduct was NOT bad, SPC New appealed, of course, through the military courts, all the way to the Supreme Court, which refused to hear the case.

He then filed suit in US District Court, and lost again, appealing all the way to the Supreme Court, which again refused to hear it.

Why all the fuss over a little old BCD?  Because it’s not about Michael New, it’s about every American in uniform — then, now, and in the future.  If Americans can be forced into military service under ANY power other than the USA, then we are not a free country, all political hot air to the contrary!

And it gets even worse.  SPC New was not allowed to present evidence to the jury as to why he disobeyed the order, which really was illegal (Bill Clinton had a history of doing that).  The judge simply told them, “I have decided the order was lawful,” and told them to determine if it was, or was not obeyed.  This is what is known as “a kangaroo court”.  This flew in the face of nearly two centuries of military jurisprudence, and was a gross miscarriage of justice.

And now, today, if your soldier or sailor is court-martialed, the military lawyers are repeatedly using the “Michael New precedent” — they aren’t allowing evidence to be presented in defense of why an order has been disobeyed.

Since WWII, both Republican and Democrat presidents have placed American troops in combat without a Congressional “declaration of war”.  Instead, they rely more and more or precedent.  Speaker Dennis Hastert chastised Rep. Ron Paul for insisting on a declaration of war, if we were going to commit troops into Iraq, saying, “These are modern times.”  Instead, we go to war “on the authority of the mandates of the United Nations Security Council.” — George H.W. Bush.

The average recruit, enlisting at 18, has no idea that this happened in his/her birth year.  And yet, it affect him/her vitally.  Has the USA become a mere political unit in a one world government controlled by the United Nations?  Have we entered a new era of feudalism, 21st Century style, where our soldiers are mercenaries, not unlike the Hessians in 1776, fighting for a paycheck instead of their own country?

Your soldier, airman, sailor or marine needs to know this story.  That’s why we have the book available at Amazon, or you can even download it free at www.MikeNew.com/book.html.  Free!!!

Please get this book into the hands of active duty military personnel, in one format or another. 

FYI, we are putting together a host of FOIA requests to see if we cannot learn more about what happened behind the scenes, and if we can make one more attempt to force this government to obey its own laws, and the Constitution.  Please keep us in your prayers.

What has looked like incompetence and “Progressive idealism” in the White House in recent years is beginning to look more and more like a deliberate plan to destroy this country.  Politicians, every single one of the sworn to uphold an oath to support and defend the Constitution, seem all too blind to the implications of their votes on almost every bill proposed.

We are witnessing the destruction of America, and we do not believe it possible that it is all just an accident.  We are bankrupt, both financially and morally.  The Welfare State cannot be supported much longer, and yet may revolt if not fed.  The Warfare State will never relinquish its grip on lucrative spending for war, for war’s sake.  And none dare call it treason.

We can no longer recommend that any young person enlist in the military until these questions are resolved.

Daniel New

Project Manager

Michael New Action Fund

Michael New Legal Defense Fund

Note:  Donations (which are not tax deductible) may be sent to:

MNAF, P.O. Box 100, Iredell, Texas 76649

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    6 January 2015 at 9:55 pm

    I would like an up-date on the status of his trial, responses, etc., and his present day status and family. I pray that justice will be served for him. rem

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