Michael New Day – October 10, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, will be the 17th anniversary of the day Michael New, lowly medic and corporal (SPC4) of the famous 3rd Infantry Division, reported to formation wearing an authorized US Army Battle Dress Uniform, with a US flag on his right shoulder, and a green cap on his head.

For that crime, he was court-martialed, and the US Army, with orders straight from the White House, did all they could to put him in prison.  The jury (panel) disappointed the Army when they gave him a Bad Conduct Discharge instead.  Out of the Army, yes.  Prison time?  No.

Everyone else in that formation was wearing a baby-blue scarf, a blue ball cap, and a United Nations patch on their right shoulder.  549 soldiers were wearing an unauthorized uniform, reporting to an unconstitutional officer (Brigadier General Jehu Engstrom, of Finland), and getting ready to go on an illegal deployment into Macedonia.

Some of those soldiers and officers did not realize the violations of their oath that they were committing.  Others didn’t care.  Some said, “Hey, we’re getting an extra $1,000 a month!  That’s $6,000.  I can buy a car with that much money!”  Others said, “It may be illegal, but our job is to obey orders, legal or not.”

We characterize Mike’s actions as being the first US soldier ever convicted of the crime of wanting to serve his own country, exclusively.

The Army characterizes his actions as “willful disobedience of a lawful order.”

It all hangs on the question of “lawfulness”.

Of course, when SPC New’s attorneys challenged the lawfulness of that order, with a mountain of evidence proving that the order was unlawful, the judge dismissed all that with an opening statement to the jury (panel):  “Gentlemen, I have looked at the evidence, and I have decided that the order was lawful.  You will therefore not be allowed to rule on the question of lawfulness.  Your job today is to decide whether this soldier did, or did not obey that order.”

In the documentary, GOOD CONDUCT, The Story of Michael New, Mike explains his situation.  He said, “They have everything they need to implement a one world government except for world taxes and a world military – that’s what they’re trying to make me.”

Michael New understood at the age of 22 what Congress still doesn’t understand – the United Nations seeks nothing less than one world government, and is moving ever closer towards that goal in increments.  Both Republicans and Democrats vote, over and over, to give more control of our lives and our property (and hence, our Liberty) to the United Nations.  This is a bi-partisan problem.

One very small road-block on the road to a New World Order would be to preserve our national sovereignty by making it impossible for the president and the Pentagon to force American citizens to serve in a military capacity under foreign powers, unless Congress declares war and so declares it!

That’s why we’ve written and presented the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2013.

And that’s why we’re asking you to take a few minutes, on October 10, to drop a message to your representative and senators, and ask them to sponsor or co-sponsor this important bill in Congress next year.

It’s important to ask them this year, just before an election.  When they get one, or ten, or fifty letters on the subject, they will know how important this issue is (or is not) to their constituents.  And since the number one thing they care about is getting re-elected, letters in October mean more than letters next year.

If Steve Stockman is elected, he has promised to introduce this bill in the House next year.  But we need more than just one Member of the House – we need your congressman.

This is a bi-partisan bill, and it’s not anti-military.  It’s simply pro-Constitution and pro-national sovereignty.

Print a copy of the bill and mail it to your congressmen.  Tell them that their response, or the lack thereof, will help you decide whether to vote for them in November!

We would love to send a free 2013 Bill of Rights Calendar to every person on our mailing list, but at $15 each (and there’s no profit in that when you factor postage and handling), we just can’t.  We will, however, send a calendar to anyone who sends us $24 – AND we’ll send a copy of the Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2013 to your congressman!  We’ll stuff the envelope, address it, take it to the post office, and mail it in your name!

Just fill out the attached form, print it and mail it to the address below, or send it back electronically, asking us to ask your congressman to get on board for this important legislation.

For God and Country, not the New World Order,

Daniel & Suzanne New
Michael New Action Fund
P.O. Box 100
Iredell, Texas 76457

Count me in!

Enclosed is my investment in American sovereignty

Please send:

One CSPA2013 packet to my Representative in the House ($24):

One CSPA2013 packets to each of my two Senators (add $10 more)

One Bill of Rights Calendar to me, at the address below.

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