Harmless Error

Note from Michael New:

I’m still shaking my head over the Army’s response to the appeal that I filed last month in the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces.

I showed them everything…

I showed them PDD 25 which proved that Bill Clinton lied to Congress when he ordered me to become a U.N. mercenary and don a U.N. beret and flag patch.

I showed them proof that Clinton’s order was blatantly illegal.

I showed the Army and the Court how the judge at my trial refused to let me or the jury see any of this proof.

I showed them that my record as a proud soldier was spotless, except for this principled stand I took.

And what was the Army’s response? Well. . .they admit to making an error – but they say it was a “harmless error.”


Is a president making up his own laws and ignoring the Constitution harmless? Were Bill Clinton’s lies to Congress harmless?

Is it harmless to force our brave men and women in uniform to fight for the United Nations, under the control of a foreign general?

When I lost my job, my pension, my benefits, and had the black mark of a Bad Conduct Discharge stapled to my record. . .was that also just a “harmless error?”

It may have been harmless to Bill Clinton and his globalist agenda, but it sure wasn’t harmless to me, to my career, to national sovereignty, nor to the concept of a Constitutional Republic!

This is a sad day for America. I will not rest until this “harmless” error is overturned!

You see. . .I am the only soldier who was ever court-martialed for the “crime” of wanting to serve my country, and only my country.

But unless you and I continue this fight and win this case, I will not be the last. this case is the ONLY way to ensure that our brave men and women in are never forced to fight in the U.N. ‘s “One World” army ever again. Now that we’ve heard the Army’s response, the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces will determine whether they will hear my case or not.

The minute I hear from the judge, I will let you know.

I have faith that the truth will win out in the end. But I need your prayers and support in order to keep fighting until it does.

I’m prepared to take this case all the way back to the Supreme Court if I have to. The sovereignty of the United States of America depends on it!

I hope to have you by my side every step of the way as we continue this fight for justice.

P.S. The government at first tried ignoring my appeal.. .the Army Court of Criminal Appeals rejected my case without even explaining why. Their next attempt to sweep me under the rug was to admit they did something wrong, but to insist that this was all a “harmless error.”

You and I know that this is no harmless error. This is a scandal, and an attack on the sovereignty of America. Now I await the court’s decision on whether they will hear my case. Your prayers are needed more than ever!

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