Will your soldier wear a blue helmet?

UPDATE – MICHAEL NEW – August 16, 2012

(District of Columbia) – – the appeal of Michael New’s summary denial by the Army Court of Criminal Appeals has been submitted to the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces. The Army responded (late) with a reply, and then we submitted our reply to their reply. The last action was mid-June. We are now in a waiting period.

Yesterday I asked Constitutional attorney Herbert Titus, who has been on this case since its inception in 1995, how long we might expect to wait. We have literally waited over a year for some courts to render a decision. He said, “Well, July and August tend to be slow months. Judges and staff take vacations just like real people. September is likely, because this petition of coram nobis is an ‘extraordinary writ’. Similar to its cousin, habeas corpus, it is supposed to go to the head of the line.”

We have been really blessed with good attorneys, particularly in Dean Herbert Titus and Bill Olson, in Virginia. They’ve always listened, and even accepted our advice and directions! They have discounted the hours for which they bill, because they believe in this cause. We’re happy to be able to report that, thanks to you supporters out there, we’re almost current on this last round, even before the court makes its ruling. That has not always been the case, and sometimes we have been grateful for a slow court, to give us more time to raise the funds to pay lawyers and postage, our two largest expenses. One more month should bring us current. But there are still rounds to go – this fight is not over until we win, or until we have a government that believes in the Constitution and national sovereignty! Do you think that is ever possible again?

We’re happy to repeat a special offer to all of you supporters in the Red, White and Blue Battalion – a free copy of the best-selling book, MICHAEL NEW – Mercenary… or American Soldier? We’ll send it directly to you, or to your soldier, sailor, airman or marine – just give us a mailing address. (These are the military edition of the book, done in an Army camouflage pattern.) But in order to do this, we need to be sure of an accurate mailing address and e-mail address, and the price you pay is that you will be signing up for updates like this one. (The fact that you’re getting this one tells us you are interested, obviously, but so many people change e-mails or add new ones, that we have a high attrition rate.)

When this book was written it had a big impact on our military and our patriotic communities. But today we have a generation of troops who know nothing of the story – the average recruit was still in diapers!! But we get letters all the time from active duty military personnel who tell us that the book has opened their eyes to a situation they had never heard of, and they are universally incensed. We don’t want them to just feel sorry for Michael New – we want them to think about the orders they may be given someday – and soon – to wear UN uniforms, or to deploy on American soil to implement a United Nations mandate!

On the documentary video, Good Conduct, Mike said,

“If they can make me wear that blue hat in Macedonia, then they can make me wear it in Texas or New York. Geography is no defence to an illegal order.”

There is no truth to the rumor that SPC4 Michael New was a prophet. All you have to do is look at what the United Nations has done and said they will do, and then look at recent legislation and the preparations our government is making for large-scale “civil unrest” and you realize that the goals of the Clinton/Obama Regime may very well bring that scenario about in the next few years, if not months! You can order that excellent documentary Good Conduct put that title in here again just in case they missed what we’re selling here for only $9.95, and we urge you to consider getting one for your favorite active duty soldier, sailor, airman or marine. It’s our duty to educate our troops! Let’s do it while we can.

For a Constitutional Republic, once again,

Daniel New
Project Manager
Michael New Action Forum
Michael New Action Fund

Real Americans don’t wear U.N. blue!