Georgia Legislature to consider banning Agenda 21

A resolution has been introduced into the Georgia legislature by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers to disavow any connection with Agenda 21, the United Nations plan to guide American communities in their planning what is called “sustainable development”. S.R. 730 compares the plan to socialism and communism, saying its “extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control” is a threat to the American way of life. SR 730 was referred to committee.

Anti-UN critics say that a resolution is a waste of time, that a state law is what is needed to ban the entire program. According to Daniel New, of, “Agenda 21 is far more a set of suggested guidelines. It will weave the tentacles of international treaties all through local communities and remove decision-making from local and state lawmakers. It is nothing less than Global Government finally making its way to main street. It must be stopped with state laws and local ordinances.”